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Études Historiques is a scholar reviewed journal that publishes undergraduate research on various topics of historical study. The journal is housed at the University of North Georgia, but submissions from any undergraduate student will be considered.

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Above is a photo of Carlo Franzoni's Car of History clock. It is a marble statue of Clio, the Muse of History, standing in a winged chariot representing the passage of time and recording events as they occur. The chariot rests on a marble globe on which signs of the Zodiac are carved in relief. The chariot wheel is the face of the clock. This image came from Here.


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Vol 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Published Articles

Slavery and the Night: An In Depth Look into Slaves' Lives During the Night
Leanna Marie Barcelona
Semantics of the Holocaust
Anika Christine Cook
The Iranian Hostage Crisis:Domestic and International Challenges for President Jimmy Carter
Timothy Corey
Japan’s Special Attack Force: The Motivations Behind the Kamikaze Suicide Pilots
Alexander David Sycher
Ancient Greek Childhood and the Pursuit of Polis Identity:
Zachary Franklin Warrick